Our Values Define Us

Caring (Chesed): We support one another through the joys and trials of our personal and communal lives.


Inclusivity (Bruchim Ha’Baim): We welcome diversity in all its forms, including sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, age, level of Jewish engagement, and personal history including singles, interfaith couples, and families of all kinds.


Social Responsibility (Areivut): We work to improve our local religious and secular communities, our society, and the world.


Judgment-free Comfort (Nochiyut): We create an accepting, informal environment in which individuals are comfortable coming as they are.


Spirituality (Ruchaniyut): We provide a nurturing environment for exploring our spiritual lives and expressing it in our individual ways.


Balancing Tradition and Innovation (Izun Masoret v’Chidush): We respect the traditions that unify all Jews. We balance tradition with innovation to reflect contemporary values.


Devotion to Learning (Talmud Torah): We create many and varied opportunities for all our members to continue learning and developing their connection to our rich Jewish culture.


Engagement (Me’uravut): We seek to maximize individuals’ involvement and to engage all our members in the life of the community.


Collaborative Decision-making (Kabbalat Hachlatot M’shutefet): The membership and our rabbi work together to make decisions that affect our congregation.


Jewish Continuity (L’dor va Dor): We are devoted to making Jewish life compelling for our community’s children and passing to them a strong sense of Jewish identity and pride.

Our Mission

Our synagogue is a community. Our members support each other, come to know one another, cherish our common bonds, and are stimulated by our differences.  Together we:

  • Celebrate Jewish life, religion, and culture
  • Blend Jewish tradition with innovation to enrich our communal practices
  • Care for our members through all stages of their lives
  • Engage all ages in vibrant, meaningful Jewish learning
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Commit to serving communities near and far
  • Work to achieve social justice
  • Encourage active engagement in CBH
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