Social Action


We have a brand New Congregation Beth Hatikvah Action Alerts email group to keep each other informed about political advocacy and social justice opportunities that are shared by the members of the email group. This is an "Opt-In" group. You must request to receive these emails. 

This will be a more or less weekly email that is different from the other emails that you receive from CBH because:

These emails will alert you to political advocacy and social justice opportunities that are submitted by any member of the community. The listed activities will not be edited or chosen for content or political positions.

These emails may contain information about non CBH fundraising activities such as a Walk for Breast Cancer. You can post to let others know you will be going to a political activity and seek CBH members to attend with you.

You can opt in or opt out of this list at any time by sending an email to this address: .

Inclusion of an activity in this email does not imply endorsement by Congregation Beth Hatikvah.

Want to join? Send an email to and ask to subscribe. Then start sharing items you want included in the weekly blast by sending them to the same address.

Social Action Monthly Update


The Social Justice Shabbat  for Tu B’Shevat featured an inspirational and delicious program organized and graciously hosted by Margie Ticknor.   Our congregation sampled fresh bread, cheese, bbq sauce and candy all locally produced. We heard from the artisans who told us about how they became engaged in this work and how they give back to the community.

The Dialog on Race Discussions continue, with many participants from CBH now part of the series.
Mark your calendars for upcoming Social Justice Shabbats. We hope to offer  the 3 A’s   :  an increased Awareness of issues,  and an opportunity for Advocacy and Action.


On Friday March 10 Kimberly Krone from the American Friends Service Committee Immigrant Rights Program will discuss Education and Immigration.   The Oneg will offer home made Syrian Baked goods from one of the refugees.  This will be sponsored by Amy and Michael Klein, Liza and Marc Kischenbaum.

On Friday April 14  an IRC speaker will address the Resettlement Issues faced by the community.
The Work Group on Race a subcommittee of the CBH  SAC is continuing its thought provoking film series for our CBH community.


On Sunday March  5  at 4:30 -7:30, the powerful original movie  “13th” will be shown followed by discussion and pizza, with our CBH community.The film will challenge ideas about race, justice, mass incarceration and the Thirteenth Amendment.
Save the date Sunday April 2nd, for Race –The Power of an illusion Part 3.  Time to be determined

Save the date Sunday April 2nd, for Race –The Power of an illusion Part 3.  Time to be determined   

Congregation Beth Hatikvah Members Donate Tefillin for Abayudaya Community in Uganda

Rabbi Hannah Orden and Cindy Slavin presented Rav Mugoya Shadrach Levi, spiritual leader of Namutumba Synagogue in eastern Uganda, with tefillin to bring back to his Abayudaya (“People of Judah”) Jewish community. The sets of Tefillin were generously donated by Congregation Beth Hatikvah (CBH) members Debbie Kaflowitz, Joel Kampf, Sandy Miller and Jill Shuster.

Rabbi Orden and several CBH members first met Rav Shadrach when he came to a Shabbat service last summer. They also met Yoash Mayende, Director of the Tikkum Olam Nursery and Primary School.

We are continuing to collect Tefillin for the Namutumba community. If you have a set of tefillin from family members they you are not using and would like to donate, please bring them to the rabbi.

A CBH Original: The Tikkun-Olameter

Tikkun Olam means "repair the world" which is a big deal for us CBH folks!  So we decided to make a year long meter (tikkun meter or tikkun-olameter)​ to track how many CBH'ers are doing acts to repair the world. 

We were amazed to see how many of us are doing kind deeds every month to make our planet a better place. We had so many each month that we had to replace the dry erase marker we planed to use with a fine tip one so we could make space for all the good deeds!

Rabbi Hannah Orden and Social Action Chairs Liza Kirschenbaum and Marc Kaufman pose with the yet to be filled out Tikkun-Olameter.


Almost filled. Each month, good acts from CBHers are recorded on the Tikkun-Olameter.

Sun, 30 April 2017 4 Iyyar 5777