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Shabbat on Zoom 

03/21/2020 01:58:58 PM


Elle Levenson




This morning I attended the

Congregation Beth Hatikvah

Saturday Morning Service

....while sitting at my computer....


MaTovu your fellow human beings....


among traditional prayers, the service featured

the 5th to 7th graders from Religious School

Theme: gratitude and thanks

(very edited)


"I am thankful for my family...they keep me safe...

feed me and comfort me and help me"


"family, food, shelter, water, warmth, clothes, bed, blankets's a difficult right now...

pray that people can find things to be grateful for"


"grateful to enjoy the outdoors"

grateful to our health care people, who bravely work

on the front lines"

"grateful I can be close to my family and pets"

"grateful for Netflix"






As we bless the source of life

so we are blessed

And the blessing gives us strength and makes our vision clear

and the blessing give us peace

and the courage to dare




"help us prosper in difficult times

and let us see the light at the end of the tunnel

protect the vulnerable and needy"


"open up to the love that is coming to you

focus on that feeling of love"


Prayer for Cure

United we can give ourselves reassurances


Stay Connected

Avot Prayer

Have the same connection to our ancestors

...near and distant....

parents, grandparents, siblings



Thanks for joining me for this highly edited service.

Good Shabbas


Stay in Touch









Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780