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3rd Grade Midrash on Gen. 29-30: Leah and Rachel Marry Jacob

03/01/2016 11:48:07 AM


Third Grade Class

The next morning Jacob walked to the bed to wake his wife.  “Who are you?! What are you doing here? Rachel? Leah! I was supposed to marry Rachel!”  He got so mad he accidentally kicked the fire and the house burned down.  Leah got burned and she stormed off very mad.

But Laban and Rachel were still sleeping.  Their beds were outside in the cold air and it was 20 degrees below zero.  Laban got frozen and Rachel ran away.  Jacob ran after her and called “Rachel, Rachel, I want to marry you!”  Rachel turned around and said “you do?!”

They had their wedding and for their honeymoon they found an odd shaped box.  It was a time travel box.  They got in and traveled to the future.  They said “What is this?” (It was a cell phone).  They went back to their time and had their wedding all over again.   Then they traveled to the year 3000 and were startled by gravitational bubbles from a flying car shooting down on them.  And then they went even further in the future and the world exploded and they were on a chunk of earth.  And who was there?  Laban, who was still frozen.

Laban got hit on the head with a baseball going 180,000 miles per hour and it cracked the ice.  Jacob and Rachel said: “You tricked us.  But we got married anyway – twice!”  Laban said, “I’m sorry. But I’ll give you a space machine box so you can go back in time.”

Then Rachel and Jacob go back to their time.  Laban also got in a time machine and went to meet Snow White. He married her and became a dwarf.  Then he kissed Sleeping Beauty and she woke up and he married her.  So Laban and Snow White and Sleeping Beauty lived happily ever after.


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