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CBH Dreams Inspired by Judy Chicago's "And Then"

01/22/2016 11:35:35 AM


In January Easy Shabbat fell on Martin Luther King Day weekend, so we decided to share our dreams.  After reading Judy Chicago’s poem “And Then,” we created our own visions of the future.


Ali Wolf 

And then no man will be discriminated against

And then all creatures will be treated with respect and kindness

And then the ice in people’s hearts will thaw

And then love will be more powerful than hate

And then all people will be free to be themselves

And then no man shall walk alone

And then no child shall know fear

And then we will break free from the chains of prejudice

And then pens will be mightier than swords

And then no man shall know war

And then there will be peace among all peoples

And then we will follow the path of righteousness and right all the wrongs of man from the beginning of time.



Amy Wolf

And then all the intolerance will dissipate

And then all the people will be safe

And then all the children will be cared for

And then everyone will have access to whatever they need

And then all will live in peace

And then everyone will thrive.



Leah Rubinshteyn

And then we will win some tournaments

And then people will stop smoking

And then people will not do bad things

And then people won’t rely on addictions

And then everyone will have peace

And then global warming won’t happen

And then more plant life

And then all sickness will be cured

And then there will be no bully’s.



Samuel Rubinshteyn

And then everyone will smile

And then everyone will be happy

And then everyone will be healthy

And then there will be peace

And then it will be peaceful.



Katherine Rubinshteyn

And then people will take responsibility for their actions

And then the arrogant will become caring and intelligent

And then nobody will be lazy, since they know to gain from action and personal growth

And then all people do yoga

And then all people stop and think before getting angry

And then all people read to their children

And then people did sports and eat healthy and not get obese

And then people did not destroy each other

And then there were no nationalism of any kind.



Pam Schachter

And then all will volunteer to serve at CBH

And then all will give generously to support synagogues and community needs.



Sophie Silverman

And then all will live and die with dignity

And then all animals will be treated with kindness

And then all people will have paws and tails

And then there will be no terrorist

And then people will respect the earth and its resources

And then nobody will be judged

And then there will be enough food for everyone

And then everyone will make a shelter

And then cancer will be cured.



Rabbi Hannah Orden and Don Moskowitz

And then people will be kind to each other

And then Republicans and Democrats will work together for the good of all

And then Israelis and Palestinians will love together as cousins

And then we will treat the earth with care and respect

And then all girls will be allowed to go to school

And then our swords will be beaten into plowshares

And then laughter and music will fill out lives

And then no one will go hungry

And then medical care will include quality of life

And then everyone will have a safe warm place to live

And then no one will be lonely

And then we will all live in peace



Perry Traina

And then no nations will fear other nations

And then candidates for higher office will be civil and thoughtful

And then security will come to a world that is insecure

And then calm will come to drivers prone to road rage

And then environmental remediation will come to toxic waste sites

And then togetherness will bind families characterized by conflict



Bernadette Traina

And then those without homes will have a home

And then all girls in the world will have the opportunity to get an education

And then all animals will be protected from man

And then all of the elderly will be cared for

And then the sick will no longer suffer

And then there will be no racism

And then the needy will get all their needs fulfilled

And then no jobs will harm its employees in any way

And then college will be cheap!

And then everyone will enjoy life.



Jim Schachter

And then a warm sun will shine on the weary

And then a quiet voice will speak to the lonesome

And then a gentle wind will rustle the high branches

And then a curtain of bamboo will part for the antelope to pass

And then a shooting star will surprise the late night hiker

And then you will beckon

And the we will return

And then, together, we will head home in peace

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780