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Reconstructionism is a stream of American Judaism  whose motto is "Deeply rooted. Boldly relevant."  Reconstructionists approach Judaism with respect for the past and a passion to relate it to the present in ways that are inclusive and relevant. 

Will I Be Comfortable in a Reconstructionist Synagogue?

Reconstructionism is a relatively small movement within Judaism, but a big tent.  No matter your Jewish background or your connection to the Jewish people, you will recognize yourself in our community, and you'll get to be yourself in the company of some pretty great other people.  Our approach to Judaism is creative, egalitarian, and focused on making strong connections among us. 


FAQs About Reconstructionist Judaism provides answers to questions such as "What are services like?" and "What do Reconstructionist Jews believe about God?" and much more.

You can also visit Reconstructing Judaism, the central organization for the Reconstructionist movement, for more information about the history, intellectual underpinnings, and beliefs and practices of Reconstructionist Judaism.

Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780