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Ritual Policy Task Force

The Ritual Policy Taskforce was formed to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding whether and how the congregation will apply or modify halachic (halachah is the entire body of Jewish law) principles to its communal activities. The basic process for arriving at these recommendations is to study the ritual(s) in question-history, philosophical and theological underpinnings, alternative practices, and implications-and to consider their consistency with the core values that define our community.

The Taskforce's work is based on careful study of the issue at hand as well as informed input from the congregation. Depending on the gravity and complexity of the issue, the Taskforce may decide to meet with the congregation's elected officers and Trustees, the Spiritual Life Committee, and/or the whole congregation in order to educate and gather input for a policy proposal. In most cases, the Taskforce will arrange and publicize opportunities for the congregation to join it in study and discussion.

Once the Taskforce has formulated its recommendation, the Board will consider them and vote on whether or not to adopt them as policy.

Making Food Sacred – A Beth Hatikvah Policy on Kashrut

The purpose of our kashrut policy is to provide a guide for the preparation and consumption of food when we eat as a community, and when our synagogue is used as a gathering place. It takes into account biblical laws, Rabbinic teaching, and the varied traditions of the Jewish people developed over many years and in many lands. It interprets these in ways that positively foster our contemporary ethical and spiritual values as a Reconstructionist Jewish community. Download the full policy.

Affirmation of the Role of the Non-Jew at CBH

There are several ways that non-Jews become part of our community. Most come as partners in interfaith marriages. Other non-Jews come to Congregation Beth Hatikvah on their own, as spiritual seekers investigating Judaism for themselves. We hope that everyone in our community will participate as fully as they wish to. There are necessarily some limitations to the participation of non-Jews in certain religious practices, particularly those performed as an affirmation of Jewish faith. View the whole report.

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