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What happened at Religious School - 1/30/21

religious school blog Jan 31, 2021

During today’s Religious School class, we:

  • Sang and learned hand motions for the Barechu, Shema, and V’ahavta prayers, discussing their meanings as well
  • Explored the Tu B’Shevat activities related to the fives senses from last week for students who were not involved
  • Began working on the story boards for the Moshe, Israelites, and the Nile River story
  • A surprise guest, Rabbi Hannah, joined for part of class with the older grades
  • In Dungeons and Dreidels our heroes:
    • Have learned that the very mountain is no mountain at all, but Noah’s arc
    • Captured the Dove’s magic key
    • Dealt with the chimpanzees
    • Solved a puzzle in a flooded chamber, making it to the center of the arc

See you next week for Zoom Shabbat school


Please join us - CBH HIKE tomorrow, Sunday at 1:30pm – all are welcome – great for children!  Check out BetNet for details – we are meeting at Hawk’s Hill in Millburn at 1:30pm. 


Shabbat Shalom!


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