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What happened at Religious School - 2/6/21

religious school blog Feb 06, 2021

During today’s Religious School class, we:

  • Had Jill Kimelman lead Shabbat prayers and the Hatikvah, the national anthem of Israel
  • Continued the storyboard of Moses (in storyboardthat.com)
  • Discussed with Rabbi Hannah the question of “What one word do you think describes God?” (see the attached image)
  • With a bit of a tech delay, continued our adventures in Dungeons and Dreidels:
    • Our great adventures settled the medcap argument of the council of kosher animals, impeaching the corrupt chicken, Weatherman
    • The heroes convince the council to stand with the Israelites through the plague
    • They are granted access to the great lion Lesheron, king of the beasts, but will this mighty beast’s roar be too much for these brave adventurers? Find out next week

It was a splendid day, full of music and fun. See you next week for Zoom Shabbat school.


Shabbat Shalom!


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