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What happened at Religious School - 4/17/21

religious school blog Apr 17, 2021

Our Religious School program in the CBH Parking Lot this week was an absolute blast! The students continued working on their Mt. Sinai re-enactment, to take place on May 15th. Within the two groups,

Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders:

  • Discussed the meaning of Shehecheyanu and how it relates to our own experiences and firsts

  • Reviewed the Israelite perspective as Moses climbed Mt. Sinai

  • Sanctified Shabbat with wild movement and songs (as shown in below image)

  • Climbed our own Mt. Sinai (aka the playground) to retrieve mitzvot and discuss them

Our 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders:

  • Wrote the words “DO FIRST, UNDERSTAND LATER” and discussed when studying or action should come first

  • Ranked a list of mitzvot important to Judaism (as shown in below image)

  • Finished with meditation, much to the students’ enjoyment


--==Dungeons and Dreidels==--

As our trusty Game Master Aaron Cooper has summarized

“Dear rockstars and rockin’ 4th grade parents,


Our Purim adventure began with a splash as our heroes traveled to Ahashverosh’s castle.  With Vashti gone, the foolish king decided to host a talent show to decide who would be his new crew of best friends, moving into the castle and cruising their way into royalty along the way.   Mordechai’s nephew and 3 of his best friends formed the Fantastic Four, a new band that would take the talent show by storm.  The kids explored the castle, met some strange competitors, and brought the house down with their own original song.  It was a blast, and the story is just beginning!


Your good-time game master,



Dear heroes and heroic 7th parents,


Today was a unique session of dungeons and dreidels, as our story reached one of the most important and challenging chapters in the Exodus: the tenth plague, the killing of the first born.  For today’s session we put aside the swords sandals, as the heroes of Judea instead took a hike to the spot where Moses first talked to Adonai, at the site of the burning bush.  They met strangers along the way with their own moral quandaries, and used the journey as a chance to discuss one of the most challenging parts of Torah, asking questions about kindness and justice, struggling and freedom.  It was a chance to slow down, to take a break from the action to think, talk, and grow. 


Your humble game master,



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