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What happened at Religious School - 4/24/21

religious school blog Apr 24, 2021


This week’s lesson was all about mitzvot, or commandments, found out in the Torah. If you were to count them all, there would be 613 in total. In our two groups,

Younger students:

  • Took part in a mitzvot scavenger hunt
  • Ate pomegranate seeds
  • Sang songs about the mitzvot
  • Played “Guess the Mitzvah”

Older Students:

  • Discussed the purpose of mitzvot and why we feel compelled to do good
  • Discussed how we could do mitzvot in our lives
  • Acted out various mitzvot


--==Dungeons and Dreidels==--

Dear heroes and heroic 4th grade parents,


Today we explored the next chapter of the Purim story, with our own creative and theatrical twist.  Mordecai discovered the plot of two rotten guards to overthrow the king – but the corrupt cronies caught Mordecai listening in, and he ended up in some hot water!  After some madcap antics and a poolside chase, our newly appointed royal heroes got Mordecai out of his jam and brought the news to the King.  Later, the gang stood up to the scheming advisor Haman when he demanded that they bow to him at the royal parade, which he didn’t take kindly to!  Our story comes to its exciting conclusion next week, and as always, your kids will be taking center stage.


Your Glad Game Master,



Dear heroes and heroic 6th and 7th parents,


The story of the Exodus has reached its climax: after the tenth plague, Pharaoh finally let our people go, but not without having his heart hardened one last time and giving chase.  Our young heroes participated in some truly creative archery-based matzah baking, and fended of the Egyptian army as the Israelites made haste to the red sea.  Then, we got to see first hand one of the greatest moments of the Jewish mythos:  Moses parting the red sea, as the fledgling tribes fled to freedom.  It was a stunning culmination of an incredible tale, one that could only come together with the help of the creativity and cleverness of our student-champions.  We have one last session next week as our tale comes to a close, and we will face down one of the big questions of Torah:  Now that we are free, just what kind of people will we Israelites be?


Your Grateful Game Master,



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