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What happened at Religious School 1/23/21

religious school blog Jan 24, 2021

Hello CBH Religious School Community,

This week we celebrated Tu BiShevat, a minor holiday that marks the 'birthday' of the trees.  On Tu BiShevat we raise awareness of our natural environment and the joy it brings.   Eight families joined us on the parking lot for a Five Senses of Tu BiShevat Drive-In program.  Although freezing and blustery out, we enjoyed a nature-themed exploration of our senses right from the comfort of our warm cars:

  • TASTE: We tasted the 7 species including snacks made out of figs, grapes, olives, pomegranate, wheat, barley, date.
  • SOUND: We repurposed old keys and made them into wind chimes using sticks and twine.  We talked about what we can repurpose this year at home.
  • TOUCH:  Without looking, we reached into 3 bags, each containing a different object found in nature and guessed the object.
  • SMELL: We smelled the scent of pine needles and reflected on memories it might bring.  We sang the...
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