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Tohu va Vohu

09/23/2018 02:44:10 PM


Hannah Orden

On Yom Kippur I shared the delightful surprise that the Hebrew phrase tohu va vohu has entered the German language. The words are from the very beginning of the Torah when it says that the world was unformed and void. The phrase is used in Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland to mean a "disorderly mess." There was even a TV show that ran for 8 years in Austria called Tohu Va Vohu! At Break-the-Fast after services, many people asked me what the words are, so for all who are wondering... next time you want to point out a big mess, it's tohu va vohu. I am going to adopt it myself next time our house is a mess: "Don, this place is completely tohu va vohu. Go clean it up!!"

Tue, August 11 2020 21 Av 5780