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What happened at Religious School - 3/20/21

religious school blog Mar 20, 2021

Today’s class in the CBH Parking lot was split into 2 groups (1st - 3rd graders & 4th - 7th graders). Here are the highlights from each

1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders:

  • Practiced the 4 questions, incorporating movement, song, props, and food

  • Used a chalked obstacle course on the pavement to learn the story of exodus

4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th graders:

  • Created a giant seder plate of our school

  • Talked about the foods the represent our emotions over the past year

  • Reviewed parts of exodus through illustrations and storyboarding

  • Had an extensive discussion about the story Exodus

  • Designed obstacle courses on the pavement relating to the story of Exodus

  • Wrote various names for God on the bricks of the CBH building


Going forward, please note the following:


There will be no classes for the next 2 weeks (March 27 & April 3) due to Spring Break. We will return to classes in the parking lot after that until May 8, when we will have the Lag B’Omer...


What happened at Religious School - 3/13/21

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2021

During Saturdays celebration of Passover, families gathered at the CBH Parking Lot in a program that made students ask

  • The importance of asking questions in life. What are our family’s most important questions?
  • During the Seder we ask many questions.
  • Dayenu - what is enough in our home or good enough in our lives?
  • How do we experience feeling stuck and free? Write a blessing for your family related to this concept.
  • Where do we find sweetness in our lives?

The program began with edu-tainment Passover songs with Jill, and then families moved on to the self-led section:

  • Families were given the story of Passover in paragraph to cut and tape together in the correct order
  • As they did so, families thought about questions they would ask Moses or the Pharaoh
  • The Rabbi returned dressed as Moses in a surprise arrival
  • Families solved riddles with puzzle pieces they searched for across the parking lot
  • Families wrote questions on each side of a die, and answered the questions as they...

What happened at Religious School - 3/6/21

religious school blog Mar 06, 2021

Today’s class consisted of a discussion of what defines God in reconstructionist Judaism and determined that

  • God is not anthropomorphic
  • God can have many names
  • God is a force within us and within the universe
  • The concept of God is always evolving
  • God can lead us to loving and caring for others

(See images for more detail)

Next Saturday, March 13th 10-11:15am we have a Passover Drive-In at the CBH Parking Lot in place of Hebrew School


Shabbat Shalom!


CBH Purim Spiel

community video Mar 02, 2021


CBH's 2021 virtual spiel brought together some of the greatest hits of spiels past to tell the Purim story.


What happened at Religious School - 2/27/21

religious school blog Feb 28, 2021


In place of Religious School on Zoom, this Saturday we celebrated Purim in the CBH Parking Lot. The festivities followed the Four Mitzvot of Purim (Gifts for the poor/Matanot l’evyonim, a festive meal, reading the Megillah, and Mishloach Manot) The families that participated:

  • Made signs for their windshields saying “Happy Purim” for their windshields
  • For Matanot l’evyonim/Gifts for the poor:
    • Decorated reusable bags to bring food from home for the GRACE food pantry in Summit
    • Discussed Maimonides’ Levels of Giving, with each family ranking them and placing their answers on the windshield
  • For Mishloach Manot/Gifts to each other:
    • Received one bag of goodies to keep and one bag of goodies to give to any family of their choosing (families also wrote notes to their recipients)
  • For Festive Meal & Megillah:
    • Ate snacks as Leemor and Jill performed a skit about the story of Purim
    • Learned a song from Jill during the story
  • Children stood in front...

What happened at Religious School - 2/20/2021

religious school blog Feb 21, 2021
  • Spencer Margulies, David Za, Noah Zall, Soon Pearlman, Jacob Winter. Ethan Imanuel, and Renly Cooper have presented their Moses storyboards
    • Special shout out to them
    • If your child wishes to present theirs during services, let Leemor know

In class, we

  • Reviewed the story of Purim and the commandments that go along with it
  • Played a few wacky games of Rapid Fire Purim Madlibs
  • Played a game of “Anachnu” to explore the story of Purim using house objects


There will be a Parent Meeting Tuesday, February 23rd from 7:30-8:15 pm (No need to RSVP)


There will also be a Purim Family Drive In at the CBH parking lot on Saturday, February 27th from 10:00-11:15 am


Shabbat Shalom and Happy Purim!


A Tu B'Shevat walk in the woods

community Feb 10, 2021

By Vincent Kahwaty

Members of the CBH community embarked on a Tu B’Shevat hike at South Mountain Reservation.  We met at Hawk Hill and began our journey to celebrate “the birthday of the trees” that occurs each year on the 15th of the month of Shevat.  

Social distancing? You bet! Everyone kept at least 6 feet apart with masks on at all times, even when chatting.

The hike was truly beautiful.  We got to see some amazing sights including an area where the path went through a thick grove of Norway spruce trees.

All in all, the hike was one to remember, and seeing some familiar faces -- or just other faces in general -- was all we needed to have a good time. The hike ended just as the first snowflakes of  winter storm Orlena began to fall.  


What happened at Religious School - 2/6/21

religious school blog Feb 07, 2021

During today’s Religious School class, we:

  • Had Jill Kimelman lead Shabbat prayers and the Hatikvah, the national anthem of Israel
  • Continued the storyboard of Moses (in storyboardthat.com)
  • Discussed with Rabbi Hannah the question of “What one word do you think describes God?” (see the attached image)
  • With a bit of a tech delay, continued our adventures in Dungeons and Dreidels:
    • Our great adventures settled the medcap argument of the council of kosher animals, impeaching the corrupt chicken, Weatherman
    • The heroes convince the council to stand with the Israelites through the plague
    • They are granted access to the great lion Lesheron, king of the beasts, but will this mighty beast’s roar be too much for these brave adventurers? Find out next week

It was a splendid day, full of music and fun. See you next week for Zoom Shabbat school.


Shabbat Shalom!


What happened at Religious School - 1/30/21

religious school blog Jan 31, 2021

During today’s Religious School class, we:

  • Sang and learned hand motions for the Barechu, Shema, and V’ahavta prayers, discussing their meanings as well
  • Explored the Tu B’Shevat activities related to the fives senses from last week for students who were not involved
  • Began working on the story boards for the Moshe, Israelites, and the Nile River story
  • A surprise guest, Rabbi Hannah, joined for part of class with the older grades
  • In Dungeons and Dreidels our heroes:
    • Have learned that the very mountain is no mountain at all, but Noah’s arc
    • Captured the Dove’s magic key
    • Dealt with the chimpanzees
    • Solved a puzzle in a flooded chamber, making it to the center of the arc

See you next week for Zoom Shabbat school


Please join us - CBH HIKE tomorrow, Sunday at 1:30pm – all are welcome – great for children!  Check out BetNet for details – we are meeting at Hawk’s Hill in Millburn at 1:30pm. 


Shabbat Shalom!


What happened at Religious School 1/23/21

religious school blog Jan 24, 2021

Hello CBH Religious School Community,

This week we celebrated Tu BiShevat, a minor holiday that marks the 'birthday' of the trees.  On Tu BiShevat we raise awareness of our natural environment and the joy it brings.   Eight families joined us on the parking lot for a Five Senses of Tu BiShevat Drive-In program.  Although freezing and blustery out, we enjoyed a nature-themed exploration of our senses right from the comfort of our warm cars:

  • TASTE: We tasted the 7 species including snacks made out of figs, grapes, olives, pomegranate, wheat, barley, date.
  • SOUND: We repurposed old keys and made them into wind chimes using sticks and twine.  We talked about what we can repurpose this year at home.
  • TOUCH:  Without looking, we reached into 3 bags, each containing a different object found in nature and guessed the object.
  • SMELL: We smelled the scent of pine needles and reflected on memories it might bring.  We sang the...

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